Making Tax Digital (MTD)

All you need to know about Making Tax Digital with a commercial solution for your business accounting systems and software
Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Sage50 Consultancy

As Sage Consultants we work with clients to establish Sage Accounts software as part of the business processes
Sage 50 Consultancy

Sage50 Training

We undertake sage training in a class room environment or on site at your location, whichever is most suitable for you
Sage 50 Training

Sage50 Software

We will point you towards programmes that will also future-proof your business
Sage 50 Software

Business Improvement

The secret to the success of many businesses is the ability to adapt to our ever changing world
Sage Software

Sage Bookkeepers

We offer the best and most experienced bookkeepers to companies who do not need a full-time or permanent bookkeeper
Sage Bookkeeper

Sage Services

Here at Real World Business we offer a virtuous circle of services that ensure you get the most from your Sage Software
Sage Services

Real World Business

We have a direct approach, are straight talking, and totally committed to helping you build your sales, improve profitability, and nurture enthusiasm and commitment from everyone in your business to help you reach your goals.

Sage 50 ConsultancySage50 Consultancy Sage 50 TrainingSage50 Training Sage 50 SoftwareSage50 Software Business ImprovementBusiness Improvement Sage BookkeeperSage Bookkeeper Sage ServicesSage Services


Real World Business is always looking for talent, please visit our vacancies page for the latest information and employment opportunities.

We have a heritage of working with small and medium sized businesses within a diverse range of business sectors.

Whether you are a service company, a manufacturer, distributor or retailer we have experience of working in your market place. We most enjoy working with our pub-chain client…for obvious reasons!

Sage has an excellent, versatile accounts software offering and over the years we have honed our skills in getting the best out of the Sage 50 software on behalf of our clients.

What makes us so good at what we do?

We work with clients on their premises, using data that is relevant to their activities and addressing their business needs.

This makes our work personal and relevant.

Our core activities are inter-related and ensure we provide the highest quality of service to our customers.

Core activities

  • Sage Consultancy - Practical, down to earth advice on how to use Sage to your best advantage in your business, followed by hands-on implementation
  • Sage 50 Training - Make sure everyone who needs to, knows how to use Sage properly
  • Sage Software - Advice on the best software to meet your needs and we offer competitive prices too.
  • Sage Business Improvement - Of course, the whole idea of using Sage is to make life easier. If it doesn’t, then inevitably the perception of the software will be negative and the package won’t be used to its full potential. Our objective is to improve efficiency and cut down on unnecessary procedures.
  • Sage Bookkeepers - We offer the best Sage Bookkeepers to companies who do not need a full-time or permanent bookkeeper. Our bookkeepers offer you flexibility of hours, no PAYE or NIC to pay, no leave or other absenteeism to worry about, and the assurance that they are trained to the highest standard. Good quality bookkeeping prevents unnecessary accountancy fees.

Real World Business provides Sage 50 training for service companies, manufacturers, charities, partnerships, sole traders and schools. Sage 50 Accounts has various Chart of Accounts templates depending on your company structure, and we can help you set up your Sage 50 Accounts software correctly as well as provide exemplary Sage 50 training to all users.

Let us show you how to integrate your Sage 50 Accounts with Sage 50 Payroll and other Sage products. We will provide all the Sage 50 training you need to ensure you get the best from your programme.