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Every effort is made to ensure that our Q&A advice is acurate, However, we recommend that you seek professional advice before undertaking tasks that you are unsure of.

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Recently Asked Questions

Q I accidently pressed reconcile instead of Save when reconciling my bank account and have reconciled some transactions that I didn’t mean to. How can I correct this?

A Make a note of the transaction number you have incorrectly reconciled. Then go to the File Menu, then choose Maintenance, then Corrections. File the transaction number you want to reconcile (tip: use the Quick Search box or the Find button to find the transaction quickly). Now double-click the transaction and the details of the transaction opens up in a new screen.

Uncheck the Bank Rec on. Box on the right hand side (just under the Posted By box) and the transaction will now re-appear in the Bank Reconcile function

Q One of my customers has gone bust and I want to delete the record. How can I do this?

A A customer record cannot be deleted if there are transactions on the customers activity (if this is clear, then you can highlight the customer’s name and press delete). The only way to delete this is by writing off the customers debt to bad debt – talk to your accountant about how and when to do this, and then clearing the record by using the Clear Audit Trail option as part of the year end procedure. In the mean-time I recommend you just open the record and rename as ‘Do Not Use’.


Q I have just run my Data Check as normal, before backing up and noticed an error for the first time. What does this mean and is it serious?

A Errors discovered whilst running Data Check are a warning that some data in your Sage programme has been corrupted. This could be because your computer crashed whilst working in Sage, or a back-up was interrupted. Errors should be dealt with immediately, because the corruption could affect many parts of your ledger. Take a back-up of your sage data files and then try doing the following:

  1. Go to File, Maintenance, Run Check Data.
  2. When the File Maintenance Problems Report appears, click on Fix.
  3. Sage will try to fix the problems and then will ask you to run Check Data again.

If the problem hasn’t been fixed then I’m sorry to say that the only choice is to contact Sage to rebuild your data and remove the errors. They charge for this service unless you have Sage Support. It’s really important these errors are corrected because they can be compounding the corruption of your data.

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